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Plan what you have to do ... where you need to do it ... what is required to do it ... and record and monitor every step along the way!



Plan the entire production process to ensure efficiency and visibility giving you complete peace of mind that your production processes are running smoothly.



Provide your staff with a simple to use system to effectively manage the sales process and ensure they have the time to do what they do best - look after the customer!



Easily manage your organization’s finances with a complete finance package to record and view transactions. Gain insight and make better decisions by housing all your data in a single system.

From cultivation to extraction to sales - we've got it covered!

We specialize in the cannabis industry, helping our customers to smoothly manage their seed-to-sales process and maximize yield and profitability. If you cultivate, extract or dispense cannabis you will be faced with challenges such as tracking and quality assurance, yield forecasting and managing purchasing and invoicing. We can help you overcome these challenges with a software solution specifically designed for the cannabis industry meaning that you can save hours of time and frustration in the office and spend more time with your customers growing your business!

Our solution helps you:

  • Track your whole process from seed-to-sale
  • Collect customer order information and dealer inventory needs to build a comprehensive and useful database which will ensure the smooth-running of all business processes
  • Easily access customer information including orders to provide the very best customer service
  • Access information on desktop, tablet and mobile devices meaning that your staff can use real-time data when completing deals
  • Track physical inventory to show sales commitments and product shortages meaning you can streamline your inventory to reduce waste and prevent against stock-out
  • Utilize your space optimally to maximize your profits
  • Implement lot number tracking to manage quality assurance with ease
  • Manage pricing and discounting to incentivize your customers and quickly adapt to industry fluctuation

A Seamlessly Integrated Experience

Our solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics which integrates seamlessly with Office 365 giving you a cohesive experience that no other enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can match! Your email, calendar, and files come together with your data, reports and business processes meaning you can work easily and efficiently.

You can share the big picture on your team collaboration site and conveniently drill into details within the solution without the need to change from one application to the other. A consistent user experience across devices makes it easy for your staff to complete their everyday tasks whether they are in the office or on the go.

Check it out for yourself!

Our solution is built on AgriWare, a seed sales and inventory software, and is powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV – a robust and versatile Enterprise Management System.

To see a demo of our product and talk about how you can refine your business processes please get in touch:


The ultimate cannabis seed-to-sale solution is here!

As commercial growers move into the recently legalised marijuana market, D365 Cannabis from The NAV People provides the business solution to manage the opportunities for a rapidly expanding market.

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