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Complete Seed-to-Sale powered by Microsoft!

We specialize in the cannabis industry, helping our customers to smoothly manage their seed-to-sales process and maximize yield and profitability. If you cultivate, extract or dispense cannabis you will be faced with challenges such as tracking and quality assurance, yield forecasting and managing purchasing and invoicing. We can help you overcome these challenges with a software solution specifically designed for the cannabis industry meaning that you can save hours of time and frustration in the office and spend more time with your customers growing your business!

Built on a Microsoft ERP solution, it has the sophistication, scalability and security you would expect of an enterprise solution that is fully compliant and can be customized to your specific processes.

Whether you are vertically integrated or you simply have a dispensary, grow facility or any combination you can dream of, you can use just what you need with the peace of mind that you can add other modules later!

Module Guide

Click on a module to discover more.


Module Guide

Click on a module to discover more.

Microsoft Integration

365 Cannabis is powered by Microsoft Dynamics which integrates seamlessly with Office 365 giving you a cohesive experience that no other seed to sale system can match! Your email, calendar, and files come together with your data, reports and business processes meaning you can work easily and efficiently.

Everyone knows how to use Microsoft applications and with 365 Cannabis having the same look, feel and links to those products, your users will find it familiar and easy-to-use. A consistent user experience across devices makes it easy for your staff to complete their everyday tasks whether they are in the office or on the go.

Take advantage of Microsoft Azure to ensure your systems and data are secure at all times by leveraging the power and flexibility of The Cloud.

Key benefits:

  • Fully integrated, enterprise level solution
  • Integrated sales, purchase and finances
  • Easily access customer information to provide the very best service
  • Access on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Track physical inventory
  • Utilize space across grow facilities
  • Full traceability from seed to sale
  • Quality assurance

Security and Compliance

Get peace of mind knowing that your system and data are secure. 365 Cannabis can be hosted on premise or in The Cloud using services provided by Microsoft such as the industry leading 'Microsoft Azure'. We know that cannabis is an ever-evolving industry so we designed 365 Cannabis to be able to adapt to changes in local regulations, ensuring you are always compliant.

What's more, the entire platform is scalable; whether you are operating in a single or multiple states 365 Cannabis can support any size of organization.

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About Us

We’ve been implementing this application across every industry for more than 20 years, so we really understand how businesses work!

365 Cannabis focuses on the processes that are unique to the cannabis industry but are delivered with enterprise experience, know-how and standards.

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The ultimate cannabis seed-to-sale solution is here!

As commercial growers move into the recently legalised marijuana market, 365 Cannabis from The NAV People provides the business solution to manage the opportunities for a rapidly expanding market.

Copperstate Farms select ‘seed-to-sale’ software from The NAV People for new medical marijuana agribusiness

365 Cannabis provides end-to-end integrated solution for growing, production, sales and back office at Copperstate Farms

Missed our webinar on how to make your cannabis business run like a dream?

Watch the recording of how '365 Cannabis' can simplify your cannabis seed-to-sale processes, make the most of your resources and maximize profits!

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