365 Cannabis OnDemand

365 Cannabis OnDemand is a complete seed-to-sale turnkey solution designed to get organizations up and running as quickly as possible on a specific area of system.

OnDemand is a complete seed-to-sale, vertically integrated, turnkey solution. Already setup and ready to go, choose the features, extras and support you want by using our easy-to-follow steps below to create a package best suited to your operation. 

What's turnkey? Taking our expertise, we understand the processes and requirements. 365 Cannabis OnDemand comes already setup so you can get started very quickly. 

What's already setup:

  •        30+ strains already setup
  •        Cultivation growth lifecycles and activities
  •        Basic manufacturing and extraction processes
  •        POS, Patient management and CRM
  •        Full Finance including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, etc.
  •        Purchasing, expense management, etc.

Why OnDemand?

Fast - choose your package, install and import your data. It's fast to implement and ready to use.

Pay per user per month - priced monthly, convenient and easy to add users as your operation grows.

Tailored to you - with OnDemand, you choose and pay for exactly the features you want. Whether its Cultivation, Manufacturing or Dispensary, a combination of them or all of them, the system is tailored to you and is ready to go. 

Adapt and Scale - with OnDemand, you can always add features later. For example if you do not have a Dispensary license at the moment but that changes in the future, that can be added very easily and will be available for you to use.  

Integrated Finance - No matter what features you chose, OnDemand always comes with Finance functionality so you can have one system for everything.

Microsoft Integration - Make use of all of the Microsoft Office products you know, love and use every day to improve efficiencies and familiarity with your users.

Less Fuss - OnDemand is hosted in our Microsoft Azure, cloud platform. That means it's accessible and totally secure. There is nothing for you to worry about, it's easy to install on any device. We take care of everything else, almost acting like your own IT team!

ERP level solution - Based on a Microsoft ERP solution, decades old with hundreds of thousands of implementations, we have taken that and tailored it specifically for the cannabis industry.


How to get started:

Step 1 - Choose your flavor - select the package based on your operational needs.

Vertically Integrated - Contains every module, cultivation, manufacturing, quality control, dispensary, finance and CRM.

Cultivation - Contains cultivation, non-dispensary sales and finance.

Cultivation and Manufacturing - Contains cultivation, manufacturing, quality control, non-dispensary sales and finance.


Step 2 - Choose your extras - these can be added at any time to enhance your solution

Report Builder - Excel report building tool. Easily create and share your own reports.

Patient Portal  - Provide your patients or customers with an online portal where you can give them access to view their past orders, place new ones, etc.

Payroll - Integrated Payroll module directly in the system


Step 3 - Choose your setup - our team is ready to help you get started, select the package best suited to your needs and we can help you get started even quicker!

DIY -  Free 2x2hour training session and then use our online training materials and data templates to get started quickly.

Basic - DIY + an extra 2 training sessions.

Advanced - Basic + attend an in person training course.

Custom - Contact us and put together a setup package suited to you!


Step 4 - Choose your support - When actually using OnDemand, our team is ready to support your team if any issues or questions arise.

OnDemand - Monday - Friday with industry standard SLAs.

OnDemand Dispensary - Includes Saturday and extended SLAs for dispensaries.