D365 Cannabis Lite

D365 Cannabis Lite is a complete seed-to-sale turnkey solution designed to get organizations up and running as quickly as possible on a specific area of system.

Let’s say an organization just wants to use D365 Cannabis for a dispensary and does not need cultivation or manufacturing modules, then D365 Cannabis Lite is an option to consider.

Full or Lite?

  • Quick Implementation – as you’d imagine, because it’s a slimmed-down version of the full solution D365 Cannabis Lite allows you to get up and running super quickly.

  • Modularity – D365 Cannabis is built so you can tailor it so that you only access what you need to use. You can easily add extra modules so it’s simple to start with Lite and expand later on.

  • Customizations – it’s important to understand that no customizations are available in D365 Cannabis Lite. If you want to customize the system and add extra functionality or processes to meet your requirements, D365 Cannabis Full is the right solution for you.