Colorado Considers Allowing Medical Cannabis for PTSD

Even though Colorado was the first state in the union to legalize adult use of cannabis and is considered a pioneer on pot policy, it has been slow when it comes to acknowledging the medicinal potential of the plant for certain conditions. Only now is it beginning to consider allowing doctors to recommend medical cannabis for patients suffering from PTSD.

Many Colorado PTSD patients interested in pot say they lie to doctors about having chronic pain, allowing them to qualify for medical pot cards. 'Medical obviously comes at a lesser price, and needing it medicinally, we need a lot more than a regular person would,' said Ashley Weber, 32, a Longmont native who uses marijuana to treat chronic pain and PTSD from a car accident that left her in wheelchair.

...needing it medicinally, we need a lot more than a regular person would

A bill headed to the state Senate would make PTSD the 10th ailment eligible for medical pot in Colorado. Passage would make Colorado the 20th state to allow doctors to recommend pot for PTSD.

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