The ultimate cannabis seed-to-sale solution is here!

As commercial growers move into the recently legalized marijuana market, 365 Cannabis from The NAV People provides the business solution to manage the exponential opportunities for a rapidly expanding market.

The NAV People have announced the availability of 365 Cannabis for the marijuana market. This enterprise grade software manages every aspect of the business from ‘seed to sale’ and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 giving a streamlined user experience. As well as managing the greenhouse, growing and manufacturing processes, 365 Cannabis also covers finance, sales, distribution and wholesale, as well as the management of dispensaries. As 365 Cannabis is a modular solution, it can provide one solution for the entire enterprise or be deployed across discrete areas of the business.

Jeff Kiehn, CEO ‘The Americas’ at The NAV People said; ‘This is an emerging industry that is set to expand very quickly. Some states are legalizing the use of marijuana for medical and /or recreational use, and as they do so, they are setting their own state laws to legislate its use. Our solution provides end-to-end software, built on the power of Microsoft, to enable new companies that are licensed to grow, manufacture or sell cannabis, to manage their business successfully and ensure that they meet the legislative requirements.’

365 Cannabis manages the entire business including:

Grow - growing and greenhouse management provides individual plant identification and greenhouse planning schedules. It enables growing plans to be linked to the resources required, right down to which pots the plants will be grown in, and the labor required. Grow-side costs are recorded and monitored and the application is fully mobile, so staff can access data anywhere on the premises.

Produce – efficiently manages the entire manufacture and production process for oils, dried flowers, cookies and other food products. It calculates what resources are required and provides a range of key reporting for governance and performance metrics.

Sell – manages sales as well as sales channels, whether it is the growers’ own dispensaries or wholesale supply to other outlets. The system manages orders, invoices and shipments with full reporting and KPI’s. The system can also be configured to cater for both the B2B and B2C markets.

Count – financial accounting provides all the features required including cash receipts, consolidation and credit control, fixed asset registration, depreciation and multi-dimensional analysis.

Ian Humphries, Managing & Product Director at The NAV People commented; ‘The commercial growing of cannabis is a relatively new industry for the US, and represents a great opportunity. With any new market there is a race to provide the appropriate software and services to support specific requirements. 365 Cannabis provides a ready-to-go end to end solution that harnesses the proven technology of Microsoft and enables growers to concentrate on developing their business, knowing that the supporting back office functions including compliance and regulation are taken care of.’