Plan what you have to do ... where you need to do it ... what is required to do it ... and record and monitor every step along the way!

The very start of the seed-to-sale process - growing your cannabis - is often an art and a passion which takes years to master. However, successful cultivation demands precision and attention, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our platform provides all the required tools and processes so that you can manage your cultivation in one single system meaning that you can work efficiently and keep all your data in one place.

Forecast, Plan, Track, Register!

Forecast – Throw away that crystal ball, grow facilities are costly to run so ensure they are as utilized as possible. Based on your grow facilities and what is currently going on in each one, forecast what an increased quantity will do on your entire operation and check you have the materials, labor and space in order to do it before doing so.

Plan – Configure your grow lifecycle for specific genus or strain so you know exactly how long each one takes, what is required for each one and how much space you need to ensure you get no nasty surprises later on

Track – Manage the workload of your employees to ensure they can cope with the activities and track the current stage of each crop. Out-of-the-box traceability from cultivation to sales using lot numbering to ensure you can go all the way from identifying the mother plant from a sale.

Register – Use mobile devices on the go so your users can register and carry out activities easily and efficiently.

The solution also allows you to plan all of your greenhouse activities so that you know exactly what you need to grow, where you can grow it, how long it will take to grow and what the yield will be. You can monitor the progress of each section of a greenhouse so you know exactly when the harvest will be ready. Throughout the entire cultivation process, you can conduct field inspections and your growers can record that information on a mobile or tablet device.

Just a few of our favorite features include:

  • Unique plant identification
  • Greenhouse / Grow Facility tracking
  • Production Schemes per Genus or Strain
  • Forecasting based on demand
  • Fully mobile