Pilot Methodology

Our pilot methodology is designed to create a proof of concept environment to demonstrate how the solution will work for you.

Not all decisions on the suitability of solution can be made in the pre-sales process, especially where there are complex or unusual requirements that are required from the final solution.

Implementing an ERP solution can often be a large expense for a business and committing to a full project without being 100% sure of the solutions capabilities and fit can sometimes be a costly mistake. The solution is of course to invest more time upfront proving the solution is capable of delivering what is required. Unfortunately, a lot of ERP solutions are too rigid to enable this to be easily done and for a reseller of ERP solutions the investment in time and effort has to be balanced with the eventual commercial value of the contract.

Fortunately Dynamics 365 has a flexible and rapid configuration environment that allows for the solution to be changed quickly and easily to reflect the needs and demands of the complex and unusual. With such a powerful tool the ability to create pilot or proof of concept environments, to demonstrate to a business how the solution will work for them is easily achieved.

With the constraints of software flexibility removed the commercial aspects of completing a Pilot are addressed through the commitment of a limited budget (relative to the whole project) being put in place. This allows for the Proof of Concept to be delivered, fully demonstrating the relevant features and functions while limiting the financial exposure of the potential customer.