The Purchase to Pay and Sales to Cash processes in 365 Cannabis are widely used and feature rich. It can accommodate businesses that require sophistication, as well as straightforward processes!

365 Cannabis gives you visibility of your stock levels, sales history and forecasts to create a suggested purchase list.  Purchase orders are automatically generated (if required), and vendor information is then used to provide cost prices and delivery expectation. Integrated workflow can then generate authorisation requests according to your business rules, and purchase orders can be sent out automatically via email or post according to preferences.

Goods are then received into the stock management or warehouse systems (depending on the level of sophistication required) and when a purchase invoice is received, it can be automatically matched with outstanding receipts. Again, approvals of invoices can be sent using workflows and once they're posted to the ledger invoice ageing is made visible to the purchase ledger staff.

Integrated document management provides features such as barcoding documents which allows documents to be scanned and automatically linked to the relevant 365 Cannabis record.  When the invoices are due, they're put onto a payment suggestions. Once confirmed or approved, checks are printed and sent.

So in summary, the Purchase to Pay and Sales to Cash processes in 365 Cannabis are widely used and feature rich.  The solution can accommodate business that require sophistication, as well as those who require a simple to use, straightforward process!

The relevant functionality links across the whole system providing end-to-end visibility of an order lifecycle - giving you and your business complete control and visibility.

What you get:

  •       Alert Management
  •       Catalogues
  •       Consignment Management
  •       Price/Discount Management
  •       PO Budget Control
  •       Requisitions-to-Invoice Management
  •       Retrospective Discount
  •       Returns Order Management
  •       Vendor Management