Complete visibility of your sales, customers and patient management!

365 Cannabis allows you to sell your products however you want to. Built in POS and sales processing screens allow you to sell your products in a dispensary, through integrated eCommerce or to trade no matter where you are. Easy to use and efficient, you can ensure staff have time to do what they do best, look after the customer or patient!

Once you have your end product ready you need to be able to easily manage your whole sales cycle. Whether you are selling B2B or B2C (through a dispensary or through eCommerce), sales can be put through and tracked in the system.

B2B – Sell your products to other organizations and ensure your salespeople have all the information they need to do so. Make and track sales on any device and including through Microsoft Outlook so your salespeople don’t even have to leave their e-mails!

Dispensary – Built in POS specifically designed for dispensaries enables your users to manage and fulfill patient orders. POS can also be configured to your theme and customized for any additional processes. Are you a new dispensary or already established? Planning on adding more dispensaries in the future? 365 Cannabis POS is intuitive, easy to use and can scale as you scale.

eCommerce – 365 Cannabis includes a built-in eCommerce solution allowing your customers to place orders online and receive via delivery or collect in dispensary.

When selling through a dispensary you can track customers who are coming into your store along with the products they buy. Your employees can access all the data they need when interacting with customers; integration with state systems provides information on the amount of product that customers can buy and details of their prescription.

With all the information in one system, your staff can quickly access and use the system through mobile devices and tablets so they can spend more time with the customers and less with the system, providing the best customer service and ensuring repeat business.

Just a few of our favorite features include:

  • The ability to produce orders, invoices and shipments – everything you need to manage your complete sales process.
  • Full reporting and metrics so that you can provide the very best customer service and provide advice on the products available to them.
  • B2B and B2C system configurations - so that you can easily sell to other businesses or directly to end-users, or both!
  • Access to the system through any device so that you can mobilize your sales force and dispensary workers.

The Sales suite also includes:

  •       Campaign Management
  •       Contact Management (CRM)
  •       Document Management and Generation
  •       Email Integration
  •       Mobile Sales
  •       Opportunity Management
  •       Sales Order and Process Management
  •       Tasks/Interaction Management